Partners Working Together for You!


Farmhouse to Your House program partners like Executive Chef Nick Wallace, Foot Print Farms, and The Garden Pharmacy work closely together to ensure that only fresh produce free of preservatives go straight from the farm to you!

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Nick Wallace Culinary and Creativity Kitchen was founded by celebrity and Executive Chef, Nick Wallace. Chef Nick was voted one of the best chefs in America in 2017 and has appeared in Southern Living Magazine and on multiple Food Network programs. He has served as chef for some of the country’s largest and most prominent museums and hotels in Mississippi.


Foot Print Farms, located in Jackson, Mississippi, is the largest urban farm in the state. Established in 2010, Foot Print Farms focuses on training young farmers and is a certified mobile farmer’s market.


The Garden Farmacy is a 6-acre agricultural homestead in Bolton, Mississippi, that specializes in growing 24 varieties of vegetables and herbs dedicated to sustainable farming. The Garden Farmacy does not use any form of chemical pesticides, herbicides, or chemical- based fertilizers.

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